Optimizing complex processes using AI

About TensorCell

TensorCell is an independent research group founded in 2017 by Paweł Gora.

We develop algorithms and software solutions for optimizing complex processes such as road traffic and cancer treatment. Despite the fact that processes are from different domains, they (unexpectedly) share many interesting properties and can be tackled using similar techniques.

In the case of road traffic optimization, our tools may help in, e.g., building better traffic signal control systems and reducing travel times.

In the case of cancer treatment, our methods may help doctors and medical research institutions find better radiotherapy strategies.

Our methods are mainly based on AI and multiagent simulations based on cellular automata, hence the name TensorCell (tensors are just mathematical objects which are extensively used in machine learning; cells are building blocks of cellular automata).

Simply, we use cellular automata which can be highly parallelized to simulate complex processes, we train machine learning models to approximate the outcomes of the simulations in order to accelerate computations even faster, and finally, we use evolutionary algorithms and reinforcement learning to optimize the complex processes. You can read more in the section Research.

Here is a brief presentation of our project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoei0Ihivl8.

And here is a short video presenting one of our solutions in the case of traffic optimization (traffic signal control): Tensor Traffic Online.

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