Complex processes

In TensorCell, we work on optimizing complex processes using AI. But what is a complex process? How to define it? There is an interesting area of complex systems which are considered as systems composed of many interacting parts, where such interaction may lead to many emerging properties, such as car accidents or traffic jams. Complex processes is just a complex system evolving in time. Examples of complex processes: road traffic, cancer growth, society, organism, human brain, cellular automata, stock market.

What are the properties of complex systems? Here are some of them:

  • Emergent properties (traffic jam, war, financial bubble / crisis)

  • Nonlinearity

  • Sensitive dependence on initial conditions

  • Openness (influence of the environment)

  • Adaptability

  • Hierarchy

  • Computational irreducibility

  • “Order in chaos” - between predictable and random behaviour

Fascinating universality and ubiquitousness, isn't it? If you learn more, we recommend you great courses available on Complexity Explorer:

"Gosper Glider gun" - an examplary structure in the Conway's "Game of Life" (Source: ( The evolution of cellular automata is a great example of a complex process. Cellular automata can also be used to model almost all other complex processes!